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05 January 2011 @ 08:47 pm
Okay I decide to write here now, 'cause I don't usually write here.

So life on here Finland have been clam and awesome, but just that...
About these Finnish cosplay events... 
They are boring!

Really, I have seen videos from America and England and everywhere and I kind envy of them. : /
So before Christmas and my birthday I decide to save money for next summer (this summer) and go somewhere! One country where I would want go so badly, is America. Cosplay did born in there hey! 8D Well, I have change to go England and Germany but... they are kind too close to me. And I don't speak German. But problem is money. I have now like... 121 euro to save and flying tickets are almost 500 euro to America. To England it's kind of... 60-100 euro?
But still. I will need hotel money too if I cant get any friends from America, and then food money what is almost 200-300 euro and other living same price. Then it's this event, I will need huge amount money to there anyway. I'm not sure how these events are like America, but in here Finland access prize are usually 4-17 euro and I think that in America's events are much more expensive. >'D
But hey, if someone have idea to me where I should go, what event and etc, just tell me. I would be so clad if somebody would tell me more about these kind of events. >'D
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17 December 2010 @ 09:40 pm
So today (17.12), is my birthday! Yay~! I'm 17 years old now and god, it's weird to be 17! (Yeah: My 17 birthday is 17.12 and I did born almost 12 am 8D).
But, I did get from my room-mate (our WOAS Spain) DDR hat! Dunno what's that hat's real name is but oh well. Here is the hat:

Isn't lovely? <3 Yeah and I tried to be like some "kicked-ass" thing but I fail little... '8D Sorry~.

And I did get my Canada wig!! Yes, I'm cosplaying as Canada somewhere in future. 8) He is such sweetie little fellow. But here is some wig and "failmoe" face:

Yeah I don't have glasses. Yet! One America is going to sale me glasses so I wait for them~. 
But here is the question:
What I should do to that wig that it would look more Canada? Yeah I know, it's looks like Francis wig little, but I prefeer that Canada has more Francis hair than America style hair. And I know that there isn't curl in my wig but I will do it!

Let's talk again~! 
From love: Zero.
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07 November 2010 @ 01:52 am
Long time no see my little ones~ <3 This is Zero aka Shewon.
So, we did have WOtAS-group cosplay in book fair 2010 in Helsinki! Or... Only the photoshoot. 8'D We did go to Kaisaniemi botanical garden to shooting. Then we headed to church. It was cold day and gray! But we did have fun and we did get punch of good photos. And derp photos too. 8'D
Because I was Prussia, I only have photos where I was. Sorry for that. ^^"
ATTENTION!!: My costume is 70% historical!

Well, in our group was:
Prussia - Me [Now days, moe Prussia.]
Spain - Oniko [So, we did have different Spain in our group first, but she didn't make to come so I asked my room-mate to come. This is her first costume ever! And, she is perfect Spain. When I did makeup her I was really surprised that she really did looks like Spain! She has even raised tomatoes!]
France - nunnu [... Where I do start? She_Is_Best_France_EVER! I don't know what else to say, she is just too perfect!]
Austria - Nab [I'm really thankful for nab that she did come to our group. Before her, we did have 3 different Austria in our group, and they all left! She was really good "husband" to our Hungary and she was really clam. This is her first male costume! 8D]
Hungary - lotwen [lf I say that this Hungary was good I would lie. She is best Hungary in world! When I did cosplay first time Prussia, she was cosplaying first time Hungary. These two have exploded to our hands and every time we try to cosplay same time these two. I would never cosplay Prussia with other Hungary.]
England - Ficci [We did have first different UK with us, but she didn't make so I asked to Ficci come with us. She is one of the best Englands ever. She talks like England, she is like England and she cooks like Eng... Eh... She cooks better than England I mean (you really do)! And hey, she did that costume... what was it, in 3 days I think?]

AND our awesome photographer's was:
Lirlys - America
AG - Lulu (Code Geass)
Aidu, who's photos I don't have unfortunately...

But enjoy for (my) photos:

The War will never end... (Photographer and photoshoping was Lirlys)

Beobachten Sie es bitte, Fritz Vater  (Photographer was Lirlys)

"Give back the important region... Give back the important region... Give back the important region..."
(photo 1: photographer was Lirlys. Photo 2: photographer was AG)

Winner's of the war!! (Photographer is Lirlys)

Bad friends trio <3 (Photographer is Lirlys)

We are ready to kick your ass! (Photographer is AG)

The land of passion! (Photographer is AG) [Personally, I love this shoot. Oniko's costume looks so good in here! And, this is her first cosplay costume. Gee, I'm proud of her! And btw, that axe, I did that >'D]

Why don't you smile to me...? (Photographer is Lirlys)

"Comoon, come to my side!" "Hah! No way Romeo~!" (Photographer is Lirlys)

War of the Austrian Succession.
(Photographer is AG) [So here is whole group in here. As you can might see, we do have giant height difference! Austria is tallest, then it's France, next is me AND Spain, then there's come Hungary and England. 8'D]

Awesome bad friends trio! (Photographer is AG)

Prussia: Man, we did kick that Austrias ass hard! Kesesesee~
France: Yes we did~!
Spain: Hey guys... Do you here something...?
Prussia: Ehh? What are you meaning? Do you hear those tomatoes souls again?
Spain: No! Listen!
Prussia: ... Yeah you are right... Where the hell that noise come!?
France: Mon dieu, I think that it's coming behind us!
*Prussia, France and Spain looks behind*

Hungary: Give region back Give region back Give region back Give region back Give reagoin back Give region back!
OH SHI-----!!!!!

*DONG!* *DONG!* *DONG!* (first photo is from AG, last one is from Lirlys)

And there was these "good" picture! What? No this is not done yet, don't worry~. Now for the OMAKES:

... I don't really member what the hell in this photo did happen! But my feather is so loong~

DAMN! I look pretty damn awesome in here!

There is our beloved photographer Lirlys~ (go to see her in dA: lirlys.deviantart.com/)

Look at that Englands smirk!! And he did stole my hat 8<<

Yeah... I don't know either 8'D

We tried to take these "secret love" photos with Hungary... And when we did start France did come!

Bad friends trio with cars and feminine Spain.

Drunk Prussia is drunk. *derp face*



(PS: Go watch AG's dA too! ag-emily.deviantart.com/)

Aaand there that was! Thanks to everyone who did watch this entry! I hope that you liked our photos. <3 We will see again my loves <3
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26 October 2010 @ 10:49 pm
Hello my dear loves~! Look what I found!

My old Sealand and Poland costume! These guys are from past, like over year a go I did these! And both was "crack" costumes. I did these costume in day... Or Sealand yes. I just drag some clothes from my closet to Poland.
Someone did say that I was pretty good Poland. Not my costume. My personality was a like Poland's. 8'D And yeah it was... I was talking like Poland, I dragged our Lithuania with me, I did go to clothes store and picked little fight with Russia. >'D Oh memories. <3
Sealand was... Lol costume. I'm 172 cm. I'm too tall to Sealand but I still did cosplay him! Why? I dunno, Sealand do have easiest costume I think? So I did it. And I did Sealand to one meeting. I was like little child then tsehehe~.

Now these days I'm onto Prussia and Canada. Canada wig is coming to here anytime soon. I'm doing it becuase like one America asked me to do it. And I have photoshoot coming with 3 USA... ^^"
Yeah and Prussia's WOAS costume is 75% done. I will upload some picture our WOAS group when Bookfair is over!

With love
Zero aka Shewon~.
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24 October 2010 @ 12:55 am
Hello my loves~ <3 Here is Zero aka Shewon! Now I'm posting my Gakuen Prussia costume! I did this costume to Desucon 2010 and I used it in Mangapäivä (means Mangaday) too! These photos are from Mangapäivä (not first one!) and Lirlys was my photographer. Thanks to her I have awesome photos!
And yeah I have Hungary too, but she have never been same photo as me. Sucks! 8< But maybe sometime we will get photos about oueselfs! I hope that...!
But hey, please enjoy my costume

This was my first version Gakuen Prussia! 8D
This was my first version Gakuen Hetalia Prussia!

And this is my NEW version~~!!

The Bird is new and scarf. I know I know, Prussia don't have scarf in gakuen but please trust me
if I say that AWESOME scarf did safe my life!!

"Where the hell is Hungary?! I have waited like 4 hours!!! Fuck this I'm Awesome!"

"Kesesee~ this will be great photo to my BLOG!"

Aaaand there was it! 8D Maybe next time you will see me with Hungary~ <3

"I want just show my awesome smirk here! *smirk* ... Okay it's not
'whole' smirk but still it's AWESOME!!! Right West?!"

Thank you for watching AWESOME me~~~ <3
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01 August 2010 @ 07:00 pm
Hongkong tai Xianggang (香港, xiānggǎng), (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.)

I did this costume last year to Animecon 2009. I did go with my friend lotwen to photoshooting and here is results:

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